In order to be the best, you have to play against the best and keep challenging yourself to become greater! The Hit King Teams consist of premiere players who want to get better. Players that enjoy practice. Players that enjoy work. Players that are aggressive and want to win.


Teaching baseball and the life-lessons associated with America’s greatest game is what we strive for at The Bull Pen. Staffed with an elite roster of professional coaches, the goal of every Bull Pen instructor is not only to train and develop our ballplayers into advanced students of the game, but to also help them grow as individuals, teammates and leaders.


Why two teams?

The Pete Rose Hit King Baseball Academy is designed like a Major League Organization.

The Hit King teams will be designated to Premier level of play and showcase tournaments. Often traveling and showcasing throughout the year. The Bullpen Bulls teams will be designated to Elite level of play and will travel and play tournament ball throughout the year.

Players in the program will always be pushed to be better than when they first walked in. After tryouts and teams are filled, The Bullpen Bulls players have the opportunity to develop throughout the season and work their way on to The Hit Kings teams as the season persists. Just as well, a Hit King player may be struggling on the field and may need to be sent down to the elite level to work out of a slump.

Our goal is to teach the game to be played the right way and for our student athletes to represent themselves well on the field and in the classroom. Academics is a major part of our program and players will be held accountable not only for their baseball work, but their school work.