It is our mission at Pete Rose Hit King Baseball Academy to get these players the best coaching, training; and the best scouting access, in order to continue their passion for the game of baseball at the College or Professional level.

In order to be the best, you have to play against the best and keep challenging yourself to become greater! The Hit King Teams consist of premiere players who want to get better. Players that enjoy practice. Players that enjoy work. Players that are aggressive and want to win.


Tryouts for Hit King Teams will be announced throughout the year for Spring (Jan-May), Summer (Jun-Aug), and Fall (Sept-Nov) Teams.

Players will be evaluated at each of their positions and possibly positions they haven’t played before.  Fielding ability: Arm Strength: Foot Work: Hands: Athleticism: Hitting: Catching: Agility: Pop times: Speed: Awareness: Pitching: Positional Mechanics: Knowledge of the Game: Attitude: Aggressiveness!

Every player at Pete Rose Hit King Baseball Academy is held accountable for their actions on the field, in the facility, and off the field. This includes; Home and Family, School, Community, Team, Coaches, and Younger players.